Everards Mens Darts League

Results Updated as soon as all results are in


Draw for Preliminary Round of Knockout Cups 
To be played on Tuesday 17th October 2017
Division 1 Coronation Cup
Monsell Codgers1  v  4Notts WMC

Division 2 Tradesmens Cup
Humberstone RBL2v   4Monsell Has Beens

Division 3 Harry Jarratt Cup
Stirrup Cup                      2v    4 Black Horse West End



Draw for Quarter Finals of Knockout Cups
To be played on Tuesday 28th November 2017
Division 1 Coronation Cup
1852w/ov f/f   Winstanley A
Keepers Lodge Bf/fv w/oShoemakers
Monsell Tigers3v   4Notts WMC
S Wigston WMC4v   3  Stamford City
Division 2 Tradesmens Cup
Hunbo LOX3     v     4Monsell Has Beens
 Monsell D 4   1Winstanley B   
Rose & Crown4v   2Napier Nutters
Saff Misfits0v   4Railway Ratby
Division 3 Harry Jarratt Cup
Black Horse Racers4          2   Black Horse WE
Groby Ex Service4v   3Stamford United
Star & Garterf/fv w/oKeepers Lodge A
Wheel Tigers4v   3Union City Blues








                  Draw for semi finals of knockout cups & 

                  Tiger Trophy


                  To be played on Tuesday 7th February 2017  


                  Division 1 Coronation Cup

                  Notts WMC                     4    v    1      Monsell Tigers                   Played at Winstanley

                  Shoemakers                     4    v    1     Winstanley A                      Played at Notts Club 


                  Division 2 Tradesmens Cup

                  Napier Nutters                 4    v    3     Monsell Codgers                Played at West End WMC

                  Stamford City                  4    v    2     Monsell D                           Played at Sir Charles Napier


                  Division 3 Harry Jarratt Cup

                  Keepers Lodge A            1    v    4      Railway Ratby                   Played at Groby Ex Service Club

                  Wheel Tigers                   3    v    4      Groby Ex Servicemens      Played at Keepers Lodge


                  Tiger Trophy  To be played at Notts Club- To be drawn on night

                  Blaby BL                         1    v    4      1852                                                     

               Stamford United        4    v    0      Rose & Crown







                  Draw for Finals of Knockout Cups &  

                  Tiger Trophy


                  To be played on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at Notts Club


                  Division 1 Coronation Cup

                  Notts WMC                  v          Shoemakers            


                  Division 2 Tradesmens Cup

                  Napier Nutters             v          Stamford City


                  Division 3 Harry Jarratt Cup

                  Railway Ratby              v         Groby Ex Servicemens


                  Tiger Trophy 

                  1852                              v         Stamford United